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UBasio(Changzhou) Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 5, 2017, the company is functional food additives industry by the large coffee, functional food raw materials extraction and purification line of senior construction industry experts and purification equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of Co-founded by leading innovators. Companies in Changzhou Tianning District Cailing Science Park, transportation and logistics conditions are very convenient. Companies integrate resources and personnel, have a professional technical team, and the establishment of the corresponding process development experiment platform. Many technicians are experts and experts in this field, both in developing product selection direction and designing production route, which are correct, advanced and grounded.…… understand more+
Product center

Product Center

UBasio(Changzhou) Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.The main products are high-grade fatty alcohol (octacosanol, triacontanol); 5 - hydroxytryptophan; Nerve acid (cis -15 - twenty-four carbon acid);
Why choose us

Why choose us

UBasio (Changzhou) is an innovative health products company

EBY Bio (Changzhou) mainly provides innovative and high-quality products and services of plant-based dietary supplements, health foods, natural plant ingredients and beauty care products to consumers worldwide. We are committed to helping consumers around the world improve their quality of life and contribute to a more "healthy, pleasant and harmonious" life through "safe, high-quality, innovative" products and services.

To provide consumers around the world, "safe, high quality, innovative" plant health products and services

TransAge® Handed down the series is a breakthrough innovative anti-aging products. It's not just that resveratrol! Our team of scientists has reinvented and defined resveratrol as "TransAge®," which means "life reversal."

The purpose of the company:

We pursue the "efficient, professional, service to create value, for the sake of customers," the purpose and philosophy

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